Monday, November 22, 2010

welcome to my new house

Well it appears I have decided to move to a new blog space. 
If you follow my Silence Is Broken Blog then you know that I cant load any more pictures there and I love to share my pictures so I had to decide 5 dollars a month to have more pictures or have a fresh start.  I have been thinking about closing my blog anyway but, i think i have decided not to close it just to not add any more to it... well except on more post with the link to this blog of course so you can find me.

well HELL I was going to add a picture so you know you are in the right house but guess what... there are NO pictures on the desktop since I reformatted it they are all on the laptop.  GAH

OK got some more work to do but will add from the lap top later.


Coffee Bean said...

Well... Howdy! LOL! Love the colors you picked.

jojo said...

gah indeed!

Tracy DeLuca said...

gah for sure! But I love the look of the new blog. That's so weird about running out of room for pictures! But then, I don't post many pics so I guess it isn't something I have ever paid attention to. Will have to add the new blog to my blog roll so I can find you!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

The Internet ate my last comment. It was Blogger, I'm pretty sure as I was being flabergasted that they limit the number of photos. We may ALL be having blog 2's.

Bruno LoGreco said...

It won't be long before other sites start charging fees for storage and other advanced features.

I like blog #2 :)