Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Man What a week!~

it has been busy than usual,
of course preparing for Thanksgiving and this baby shower has be a HUGE undertaking.
Originally we were planning to rent  a place for the shower but I decided it was just not cost effective and that we could have it here at my house...
which meant I had to become completely anal  about how the house looks and to have everything spotless.
Don't get me wrong we live here it is a house it has to be worked on daily to keep it clean but we don't DEEP clean but 4 times a year unless it needs it more ... we have not steam cleaned the carpet in best we could recall 15 years... SOOOO me being me have wanted a steam cleaner for a while had to think it through for a while before i decided what to do...

Had to weigh my options which were
1. RENT a CLEANER and do the work. 
2. Hire a cleaner company and PAY them or
3. Buy a steam cleaner and do the work.

WELL.... since I am fairly persnickety about how things are done and past experiences were pulled from the recesses of OUR minds... AND because I have a target card and it was on SALE... I bought a bissell steam cleaner and went to work starting last Friday...

our living space is 120 square yards it is a combo of living, dining, and kitchen of which only the kitchen area has been done in laminate flooring.  We put this carpet in when martha was a baby so she will be 19 on Sunday... that makes the carpet 18 years old.

The second year we had it we had two little kids plus the other 8 kids I was keeping here at home who had spilled milk  and other assorted things so we paid to have it cleaned.  THE CARPET CHANGED COLORS !!!! it went from this lovely blue that I loved to a pale gray.  I was so upset but, could not really do anything about it so ... Gray it was ... 2 years or maybe a year and a half later we rented a steam cleaner we think from home depot and ACK THE SMELL NARSTY I TELL YA JUST NARSTY!!!!

First thing that I noticed with the Bissell was ... It SMELLED SO GOOD!  I bought the allergen kind of cleaner solution, thanks to my allergies.  then I noticed that Stains that we had tried scrubbing on our hand and knees and had not come out... were coming out!

Granted I did the room in sections, Friday was the dining area I went over it several times and yeah there are some places that simply NOTHING will get out, the pine tar is here to stay...the areas Michael got upset years ago and tried to clean with bleach of course are a bit whiter than they were before. 
Saturday I did the less used part of the living area, UGGGG THE SAND in my carpets ... as bad as Georgia RED CLAY!  then Monday I did the most worn, most used, most abused part.... and OH MY WOW it looks like a different room.  Michael said he does not think it was this clean when they installed it all those years ago :) 

Today I did up the laundry, including bed sheets then Martha came over and we had some running to do.  My net to remove the leaves from the fish pond had DIED so I went in search of a net, finally ended up getting a fishing net from walmart because the one supposed to be for the pond was stupid priced and I was not paying that much to fish LEAVES out ...GAH!

we stopped at target because they had told her to come back and get her baby package for registering with them... nice little package I admit anyone pregnant should register there. we really SHOULD have broken the camera out at walmart ... as people of walmart needed a few of these people we saw today added to their archives... HAVE MERCY, I HAD  TO COME HOME AND WASH MY EYES OUT!!!

I am ready to start cooking tomorrow ... my cheesecakes have to get done and my cornbread for my dressing needs to be cooked as well, and tonight even though I was not prepared to nor did I want to ... I had to make cookies because BRADLEY went to the cookie jar and it was EMPTY!!! and the papa said he did not blame the child that it is MY DUTY to keep cookies in the jar.. SIGH... duty fulfilled my dear.

well, interesting... i have tried to uploadsome pictures and it is saying the server is rejected but not telling me what that means.... hummmm will have to ponder this and find out what the hell is up with that.
its working now....

well with that bit my train has derailed and i must  head to bed as it is already wednesday here.
have a great day ya'll
i tried pics again as you can see... and added some :)


jojo said...

you are something else Peach!! I have a bissell and though I rarely use it I think it's are giving me ideas now about getting the deep cleaning done!
I am getting the same message from pics tonite.
Have a great Thanksgiving and hugs to all ;j

Mental P Mama said...

Can you please come up here with that thing?

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Wowie! Girlfriend I hope you can sit down a bit and relax now that the place sparkles. I used to exhaust myself before a holiday, but nowadays I just slip into it quietly and enjoy. (Clarification: I'm a neat-nick 24/7 so I take holidays off -- snicker!)

Happy Thanksgiving from my house to yours.
: D

Chris H said...

OOO I saw that cleaner when I went and bought a new vacum.... I'm glad it worked well for you.
Love the photo of MJ in the box!

Martha said...

humph humph humph--->as involved with this operation as i WAS NOT i am somewhat angry with you...being the blog hijacker i am i feel that i should have been informed of this "MOVE", however i do LOVE the changes-it's pleasant. and it does feel like home.
See you tomorrow! Happy Kahlua cheese cakes everyone :)

Martha Jean said...

and damn it man you started a whole new profile---i don't have the password to make my first hijack. I think you done it this way on purpose-humph->just lock little Emjay out as if i don't need a ventilation myself---would and have actually considered starting my own blog but my posts always go along or match up yours and it's easier to consolidate for the readers sake...1st hijack coming soon :)
Love and Kahlua cakes
Happy Thanksgiven Everyone->Tip your waitress well.

Paxie Panicker said...

Pine tar? Well, I use cooking oil when I'm getting through playing with Christmas tree. It dissolves it. Spray a little on it and let it dissolve, then use dish detergent cloth with a little on it and see if comes out :)

I'm all about the oil lately lol.

Now this is all over (I'm late reading) and you are getting ready for the baby shower!!