Saturday, November 27, 2010

We missed YOU

at the baby shower today...
My cousin Pauline had this cake made it was so beautiful and DELISH too!
she also made these pacifiers for the B A B Y game...
the present table... was loaded with wonderful things for baby Halo Alaiah-Juliett
SOME of the wonderful foods... thank you all for so much help
remember you can click on any picture to embiggen it... we laughed so hard at the antic during the entire shower as the
B A B Y game goes on the entire time!
I am not sure what was happening here... some lude comments about the LONG  balloons I think... then stephanie remembered how to make poodles with them :)
Martha Jean said BABY and Erin caught her and got her candy pacifier
Kerrie got BUSTED saying BABY and Sylvia and Marsha made sure we ALL knew it BWHAHAHAH
OH MY THIS GAME... I dont know what to call it was a version of hot potato crossed with musical chairs ... but the music played and the diaper passed and the laughter RULED!
it went faster and faster  *THANK YOU Brittany for being the camera woman you got some AWESOME shots *
and got rather wild....
then all that were left was Marsha and Faye  and that Diaper was FLYING!!!!!  
Kerrie, Marsha, & Erin
Kerries Son Brenner had to come but he HID outside and played but when things got REALLY LOUD I saw him peeping in the window!
Tori and Becca ... Martha's best girlfriends.
martha and me...
Schlena, Dionne, & Nancy
Faye and Savanna were the first victims of the blindfolded dress the baby game... Experience won over youth...
then Faye was to be challenged by Stephanie but she told us the cabbage patch doll was her BABY and ERIN got all her pacifiers and ended up playing against Stephanie
Stephanie has lots of practice dressing the baby and left Erin with her baby nakid
at some point during the game Marsha was dancing to the kids toons on the sterio and I got this shot of her... it was HYSTERICAL!
Then Martha Jean challenged Stephanie... and as you see STEPHANIE WON!  (oh there was a bit of ummm cheating for lack of a better term as Aunt Sylvia hid Martha's babies hat!)  then Martha Jean threw her baby on the floor and more laughter was roaring through the house and I am sure the neighborhood!
Martha and her cake~did I mention it was beautiful and delish!
brenner had to check out what was happening again...
Kerrie and Marsha were trying to depacifier Erin!  it did not happen but oh my FUNNY!
HI ERIN!!!!!!!! :) your nipples are showing! BWHAHAHAH
I did mention how delish the cake was right???
Maggie Leigh was the youngest lady present she is just adorable!
I forgot what I was told to post as the caption  for this so ERIN ... you best get busy girl! lol (no shes not preg, she was playing cause she was in the HOT seat!
Savannah said the B word... and lost her pacifiers (she had gotten mine earlier )
Kerrie... CHEATED !!! she took most of the extras and was really sneaky when no one was watching ... it was hysterical
Sylvia came to get them from her but got caught... guess her stelth mode was not working as well as Brenners.
more Fun as the gifts were being opened.
Chris SHE LOVES what you sent... but my camera pooped out when I tried to get a pic of the Giraffe... EVERYONE said to tell you how beautiful it is and everything else too !!  The elephant was a huge hit as were the tiny knitted booties!
Faye caught Erin when she said the B word and was so excited that she had WON!!!
Tori worked for months painting this duckie (in art class at school)  for martha it is so cute and will look great on the wall along with the Giraffe wall hanging!
Stephanie was trying to keep up with who brough and sent what!
Debbie, Dad and Jeannie we got the cards and gifts you sent and She was thrilled with them
Next trick in our bag of fun...
Write and send out the thank you's
the BEST IDEA EVER was to have everyone fill out a blank envelope as they came in the door... talk about BRILLIANT!



Paxie Panicker said...

Oh it looks like you guys had a blast and I wish I could have been there!! Whoo hoo! FUN! Years since I've been to a baby shower. The cake is beautiful and I'm so happy everyone had such a good time. Now you can relax...for a little while!


Debbie Jean said...

I am so glad all turned out well. Baby showers are so much fun. I haven't been to one in years and years. Now you can relax alittle and await for little Halo to get here.

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

MJ said...

Man it was a blast! I had so much fun...THANK YOU EVERYONE that sent anything-even if it was only a comment :) I can't decide what i LOVE more-the giraffe for the wall, the knitted elephant, the painted ducky OR the stuffed giraffe aunt schlena got me with the VERY fat bottom :)
Thanks everyone,
Love and babies

Chris H said...

I wish I'd been there! You girls had so much fun... and I'm really glad MJ liked her gifts.