Tuesday, February 3, 2015

More to my daughter....

My darling little girl, who no matter how old you become or how many children you have of your own will always be my little girl.  you are the one I will always have the hardest time talking to, expressing my feelings to, making understand where I am coming from.... I love you child. No matter how hard I try to let it all go, to let what ever happens happen, to let you fly or fall, I still will always speak what I think... sorry cant help myself there been that way forever... ask my dad... I can be brutal...and I know it. I apologise to an extent for it but, I do not apologise for wanting more for you, for seeing what you CAN be and for expressing that to you... I am sorry that you think some of the things that you do think and I even know why you think them but, I want to clarify a few things.

1. Yes you are loved by BOTH your dad and I. 

2. You are the ONE responsible for your actions and decisions, All of them.

3. We want only the best for you.

4. You are welcome to come home, to be able to be assisted with school, work and raising Halo.

WE DO NOT want you to think or believe that we want to "take" Halo from her father.  I do not hate Mike, nor does your dad.... BUT do not be deluded... we do not like him either... and it has NOTHING to do with his skin color... it has to do with HOW WE see he treats you HOW he does not do what a MAN should or would do if he loved you like he CLAIMS. 

IT has to do with what we have SEEN and HEARD from YOU in the last year. 

We have never and still do not think that interracial relationships are the best choice for ANYONE  not because we think that black skinned people are less than or different than white skinned people... but because LIFE IS HARD.  It is hard when you are both white or both black and it is even harder for the children of those relationships.  Granted times are changing , peoples views are changing especially with YOUR generation but, for OUR generations and for the SOUTH as a whole things are NOT changing like you want them to and GOD FORBID anyone does or says something to hurt Halo ... but maybe you are realising that even with MY Mother that is something that WOULD happen if she knew about her... and that is one of many of the reasons that MY mother can NOT know about your child... and THAT SUCKS... it sucks that I feel I can not talk about brag on or post pics on facebook of MY GRANDDAUGHTER because my mother would find out about her.  It is NOT FAIR to me to HALO... to my friends and family who DO accept her and who would never HURT her because of WHO her parents are.

5. We will do anything and everything we can to help you and to help Halo but, like I tried to express to you today we will not help mike and will do as little as possible in things to help you and Halo when he is the one benefiting from that help... HE IS A MAN remember, he does not need or want or deserve OUR HELP.  ok sorry thats one of those brutal truths but it has to be said.

6. for the record... YOU WILL CARE about WHO Halo chooses to date and WHO she chooses to hang with and what she does in her life... those words that popped out of your mouth today are ones that I will enjoy seeing you eat... and BELIEVE ME with all your heart, soul, mind, and body... you WILL CARE! 
you will cry your self to sleep at night when she does things like you did as a teen... you will want to rip her head off and shake the shit out of it... you will want to lock her in a padded room until she is at least 25... all because YOU LOVE HER AND YOU WANT TO SEE HER DO AND BE ALL THAT YOU KNOW SHE CAN BE... because God help you child but you are very much your mothers child.

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