Friday, October 28, 2011


this photo needs a caption...
rules to this contest are:
1. create a caption that will make me cry tears right down my leg!
2. PLEASE DO NOT link to facebook, but feel free to share the contest on your blog IF your blog is NOT linked to facebook.
3.contest will end TUESDAY at noon. 
4.prize will be ... I don't know what yet but, something worthy!
5. Have fun!
*papa will pick the winner! *

I realised when I saw this pic it really needs a great caption and, that it has been way too long since I held a contest!  So with all that said Have fun !  I can't wait to see what my brilliant blogger  blisters and friends come up with!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bradley and Mallorie spent the day with me...

I got a call at 630 this morning, YES I was asleep :)  was my friend Kim, Mallories Grandma,  asking me if I could keep Mallorie today as Becca was sick and she could not take off work... I am a kid sucker... so yep Mal came to stay with Bradley and I...
WITHOUT any prompting from me they hugged hello... and I had the camera out!
 then they proceeded to pull out 80% of the toys in the house (there are a few they can't reach or don't know where I have them hidden)  they PLAYED together, and seperately for the next 5 hours... oh and ate too...
 they cooked...
 they mowed... the porch ... the weather was insanely beautiful so we opened the windows and front door.
 this was just tooooooo precious them mowing together in circles through the house and on the porch... (don't forget you can click to embiggen all pics)
 this pic (below) is SCREAMING for a caption contest....
 and just for you MPM since you asked where the adults fit in... there is plenty of room even with all the toys scattered all about... but you must watch your step in areas lol... I really need to take a pic of what it is like when there are no kids here.... really It is all picked up and clean... I swear!
 Hank was holding down the back porch... and glad the children could not get him.
 they seriously were soooo good... Mal went to sleep at 1100, Bradley at 1130 ,she was up at 12 15, him at 315... I like his nap style!  really I do... then at 5 their  mommas (grandma) came and got them and I cleaned up to prepare for Halo tomorrow :)
and that was my day....
hope yours was HALF as much fun as mine cause if it were then you are very blessed!!!!!
Love, hugs, thoughts, and prayers.  May God bless you and keep you till we meet again.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halo Photo shoot :)

*No mama, the cat is not one that is picked up by people... he is somewhat friendlier than he used to be but that is another reason he is kept from the babies.  He is  truely a ferral cat.

now on to more fun stuff... I have videos for you but guess what blogger isnt loading them and after 4 hours of frustration and trying I give up... so still pics will have to do...

One of marthas friends loves to take pics (almost as much as I do) and she came over yesterday and between the two of us we took over 600 pics... no i wont post all just some favorites ... showed them to a neighbor who now wants me to take her families christmas pics and pics of her kids :)

Gabby loves Halo and Halo loves Gabby too, Jordan was having a ball playing with them.
 halo was not too sure about the chair but then discovered it rocks....
 She waved Hi to ya'll 
 Jordan wanted to put her in a dress, Halo was not cooperating and gabby thought it was HYSTERICAL
 we took some blankets outside ...Halo said who needs blankets and took off to the grass
 and was busy checking out the leaves and grass
 then decided to go find what else was out there needing her attention
 jordan brought some cute little curtian thingys... halo was having fun playing, wheres Halo...
 then she got tickled at jordan
 and finally broke out into huge grins and giggles
 then Jordan snuck in a kiss
 was too cute :)
 Halo said, more Jo Jo more :)
we have two teeth through now and Halo is very interested when anyone is eating anything around her and has to have some too... she is too funny!  anyway hope you enjoyed our photo session as much as we have
till we meet again !  God Bless you and keep you !

Saturday, October 22, 2011


I DONT HAVE A CAT... HE HAS ME... he is a ferral cat that someone dumped out here several years ago... the bastid bites and scratches me at times but he also will come lay on my feet. he lives outside and comes around when he wants something to eat. Mike hates him and he hates mike....bradley and halo LOVE the cat but we try hard to keep him away from them because he is so unpredictable, he scratched bradley one day and I thought mike would kill him instead he threw a coffee cup at him...

Friday, October 21, 2011

you guys have figured me out...

you are completely correct farm lady, I do function well when I am needed and there are things I need to do... I don't like to just sit around or do nothing.... very often but, I can't tell a lie there are times when I do just bury my nose in a great book and travel off to another time and place for a bit and let other stuff go.

My day in reverse :)

I made some chicken pies tonight... (flash on)
 we would have been fine with just the small one (flash Off)... but we have plenty of left overs :)
 Hank was letting me practice on him with the nikon...
 then he got a cattatude....
and gave me the back of his head...
 the tree that was hit by lightening a while back...  :(       is not going to make it....
 there is a little silver speck (click to embiggen) it was a plane flying VERY high up
 the confederate roses are blooming so we practiced a bit with close ups too...
 Mike got BIG BERTHA out and took down a couple dead trees, and there are about 15 pines on his list... soon very soon they will be down!
 this morning I went to Glascock county, about 50 miles south of here to deliver a van load of baby things to a young girl who needed them... Myself and two other families pooled thing together for her.  It was a beautiful, slightly chilly day... I love fall when the cotton is ready to harvest, so of course I had to stop and get a few pics
 it is just soooo darn pretty
 makes me smile in a big way to get to see things that God has made...
I saw some old places that I wanted to stop and take pics of but traffic got kinda crazy and I was trying not to miss the turns to get back home ... so I only missed one had to go back but, I knew it as soon as I passed it so only went a city block...a little town block LOL and cut through a cemetery to get on the right road....

Am totally over our heat pump... we have had it barely 5 and a half years have had more problems with it than we did the old system in 19 years... It turned really cold here the last night and mike turned the heat on and the blower motor blew out... technically I think it is still under warranty but, after the out side motor blew this past spring and it took them 2 weeks and we eventually replaced the motor ourselves... mike said bad words and that he will take the part to work on Monday and get a replacement on his own....

I went to Genes funeral last night ... there was a MOB of people from all walks of life there... Gene was very loved by so many, it was really extra special ... I have a funny tale from it but, I think I will keep it for myself for a spell. 

Teresa, the lady who I traded my old camera for her cedar chest is totally LOVING the camera and we are making plans to get together pretty soon ...we live about 50 miles apart so has to be a bit of planning involved and plans to spend the whole day together too... we have so many of the same interests and the same slightly twisted sense of humor so not only did I get the chest I wanted and her the camera she  wanted but a new friend too and that is PRICELESS :)

I went yesterday and got TWO new pairs of glasses for 67 dollars :)  my old glasses less than two years old and the second pair that the transitions have come apart on... had to be replaced and I am so done with the place I have gone to for over 10 years after these last two pairs issues... so got one clear lenses and one sunglasses and am SO OVER THE TOP HAPPY !!!!!!  *and I can see without the transition fog* 

I had some of the pics I posted in the last post printed just to see how they would print ... and OH MY WOW!!!! I am so  amazed, thrilled, happy, giddy, a tiny bit suprised , and did I mention happy with how the pictures from the Nikon prints... and YES DAD I HAD EXTRAS MADE TO SEND YOU and JEANNIE!!!  :)  umm I do need your new mailing address so call me when you read this and tell me... HA HA HA isn't it funny I can drive 770 miles to your door but can't remember your new address any better than I could the old one for umpteen years.....

I am sure there is more ratteling through my little head but, it will have to come out and play another time... hope you are all having as good of a time as I am :)   love hugs and prayers for all... until we meet again, God bless you and keep you !

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

busy busy busy

trying to think where to begin with the stuff thats been going on...last saturday morning I got a phone call from my cousin (mikes cousin) schlena, Her brother had been in a motorcycle accident that morning 630 am  and had been killed, there are a couple senerios as to what happend... he either lost control after crossing the train tracks, or a deer or other animal ran out in front of him or something else in the road caused him to lose control and wreck...Gene was a retiired deputy sherriff in Aiken county South Carolina, he was 64.  And will be missed.
There was all kinds of other stuff going on but for the life of me I cant think right now what...
Sunday Cory Stephanie and Bradley came over to VISIT!!!! then they left :) (pics below)
Monday, Schlena and Pauline wanted to go see Gene at the funeral home before he was cremated, So I took them... It went very well, they got the closure they needed and I got to spend time with them.  Mike Had his teeth removed and was home giving me the thumbs up when I walked in... Later that evening he told me that hands down this was the BEST dentest and office staff on the planet and he woudl reccomend them to EVERYONE... so If you need dental work call me will get you right to them :) 
yesterday... went to south carolina to meet a woman....
she advertised a cedar chest... a very old beautiful LANE cedar chest... I have wanted a cedar chest since i was a child... mother had one, I did not get it... it was gone long before I had a chance to get it... but I digress... ANYWAY... this lady wanted a camera.... and I happend to have 2 back up cameras since I just got the Nikon.... so YEP we TRADED!!!!!! :)  LOVE LOVE LOVE trading!!!
I will post pics of it soon... cant believe I have been too busy to take any yet...
and today I got to have BoTH babies spend the day with me so I invited a very good friend of Marthas to come go running with us (I LOVE how my kids friends still love me even when My kids dont ) so JOJO went with us... we had a bunch of errands to run and then we went out to eat and laughed and talked and played  then it was time for the babies to go home and mike to get off work and supper and now to blog so enjoy the pics.
No matter how old (Becca is 20) Malorie 13 months the kids love the play kitchen!!!
 the daughter type person had to get in the play as well... :) she can deny all she wants but she had fun too.
 Oh and I forgot we had a storm come through one day last week and no power so I took some pics in the dark with the nikon to see how they would turn out... love the candle!
 halo was having fun working on the china cabinet
 and LOOKIE... (click pic to embiggen and SEE) SHE CUT A TOOTH bottom left is though!!! 9 and a half months old and we have tooth!!!!!
 I do believe she is a HAM....she loves to play close to papa
 and to learn to drink from a sippy with papa... when she came over martha handed her to me, usually mike is not home but he had come home after the dental work so he was here... she saw him and nearly jumped out of my arms wriggleing and squeeling to get to her papa ... all he did was smile and wave...then got her and they were happy :)
 we had a bit of poop emergency at 1230... she had eatten a jar of carrots with cerial and a jar of bananas, I heard her go grabbed her up to change her and  when I laid her down it flooded up her back... so to the sink we went... (papa was asleep already and we did not want to wake him up and the tub is in our bedroom)
 when they finished supper they came over... Bradley had to have a popscicle...
 he was barefooted and stepped up to get one then JUMPED down ... I caught him in the up position... it was too funny
 mike and cory were messing around and I caught them too.
 then Bradley and papa had some work to do
 halo loves the jumper and I think i may even have videos to load in the next post....
 she was playing patty cakes with papa
 today Bradley and Halo were playing together ... they do adore each other...
 he got side tracked by the thomas video and so she went to get her ball...
 today while we were out running errands... we came across this family flying kites and this Kite is absolutely the most beautiful thing... so we stopped and took pics and bradley went nuts saying KITES KITES KITES about 14 million times
 the dad had a small kite that was WAY up in the air his flew and flew while mom tried to help their son and to fly this HUGE kite.
oh and mom made a trip back to the ER last night or the night before... but shes back home (nursnig home now) talked to her tonight shes feeling much better.... Mikes a million times better and got several more super busy days coming up.... funeral is tomorrow... and I need glasses BAD... so gonna try to get that done tomorrow (mine are having issues in a bad way)  and i forget what all else has to be accomplished so ... have a great day ! love hugs and God bless!