Wednesday, January 16, 2013

maybe the tornado is slowing

it has been a whirlwind of stuff....
We did manage to go to Illinois for the funeral we left last thursday evening when Michael got off work.  we drove to clarksville tennessee and stopped for the night, then drove the rest of the way in the next day and managed to even rest about an hour before we had to be at the funeral home.

I had to cover my face and laugh... ok giggle a little ... even though it really was not funny.   Poor Michael does not wear his dress clothing often.  and he has gained some weight.  those poor dress pants and that poor suit... Im sure his hips will never recover... thing is he fluxuates so little in size it never even occoured to me that he might not be able to wear them.  he hopped he cussed he sucked his gut in and he finally just put his belt on and prayed a little prayer that the pants would make it through the evening.  and they did... His suit was even tighter... no tie was going on since the shirt could not be buttoned... and I finally managed to get his suit pants hooked ... HE DID NOT TAKE THEM OFF TILL WE GOT HOME!  I could not believe that after the funeral when I ran to change to jeans along with everyone else he said here take my coat I will just ride home in this.

Anyway the visitation was 5 hours for us because we had to be there a bit early... and let me tell you... in 5 hours there was NO slowing of people who came... I have NEVER seen so many except possibly for when Mikes momma passed that was a HUGE bunch too.

The funeral was Saturday morning and again a HUGE croud came.  it was one of the nicest funerals I have ever been too, I actually liked what the pastor had to say and the music was fantastic... I had forgotten that Jeannes favorite song is also one of my favorites.  and the ride to the cemetary was long but we had dad jordan and judy and ronnie with us so we all chatted up a storm and made the ride pass quickly.  (it was a couple towns to the cemetary) 

We stayed long enough to enjoy the lunch that the church provided... as the winter storm threat made us all decide to head to our homes right after ... Mike and I had originally planned to stay till sunday... we are so glad w ecame on home... we got caught in bad rain from collinsville all the way into Kentucky.  then just wonds and sprinkles... but on sunday the entire part of Tennessee that we had to travel was FLOODED and in horrid rain mess.  

and apparently we still can not load pictures from our computer any more... so I cant help but wonder... is there a different site a better blog place... I have blogged off and on for many years my original blog was a yahoo blog... I have had two here on blogger but I dont like this not being able to load pictures from my computer.  How rediculous is that?

well I have been job hunting and am super suprised to see how FEW LPN jobs there are around here ... Iknow it has been in the RN phase that comes around every so many years but sheesh ... I need to go to work like ... last year... GAH.  oh well God is in control. 

Time to get back to job searching.  have a wonderful day! love and hugs.


Paxie said...

I'm glad the funeral went well for all of you. Such a sad time :(

No clue on the blog/picture thingy...

I know the right job will find you if you just keep looking and hope all is well on all the other fronts.


Chris H said...

I couldn't load photos on me blog for a while either.
Then I read another girl was having the same trouble... you can't use Internet Explorer any more to upload on your blog.
You have to change to Chrome or Firefox... I went over to Chrome and BOOM! No problems at all.
Try it.

I'm glad the funeral went well... it's a wonder Mike didn't end up sick from having such tight pants on for so long!!!

TonjiaT said...

I am glad you guys made it safely there and back. I have been thinking about starting up another blog again, I have so much to say and no one to say it to. LOL Let me know if you find another site to host your blog, OK? I want to be able to upload pics too.

Good luck on your job search, have you ever thought of working in a jail? It is SO fun and we used a lot more LPNs than RNs.. just a thought. good luck!