Friday, January 4, 2013

did you know....

that in your stats page it shows what key words or terms are used that come up with hits on your site?  that there are some really Bizzare things keeping an eye on your site? 
Oh well I decided MANY years ago that I would not put anything on my blog that I would not either say to a persons face or not care if the WHOLE world knew what I was putting ... So suffice it to say yeah I put A LOT out there on here but, always KNOW there is a WHOLE LOT MORE that never makes it on my blog :)

I learned that someone I love is in a federal prison because she made a stupid mistake... Unfortunately unless my daughter changes who she messes with and what she does she may end up somewhere like this woman has... so heartbreaking.

my sinuses are driving me slightly nuttier than normal... so bear with.

Still have not heard anything on my step mother... which disturbs me to an extent.... but, will have to trust that no news is good news.

I am slightly ticked off I bought a new calendar ... never realised that it is a 2012 - 2013.... how does a store ... oh never mind it was walmart after all... It should have clicked in MY head BEFORE i bought it and wrote all in it... gah... damn thing was 7 bucks ... oh get over it already.

welp apparently I can not upload any pictures for your pleasure of veiwing ... come on google/ blogger get it together I am really easy to please.

Have a wonderful  4th of  January... all 19 minutes thats left of it.


Paxie said...

Well poot on the calendar...

I'd hate it if Martha let it get that far. When will the girl learn.

I forgot to mention your resume the last post. Good for you for getting it all ready! Luckily you can do a lot of the applications online :)


Karen Deborah said...

how about starting the new year turning the please prove your not a robot off? I can hardly make out crooked blurry letters and like to comment sometimes.
Glad to see ya and no I didn't know any of this stuff and better not find out. I think I'd rather not know.

Bluebird49 said...

Oh dear Father God, we pray for Martha--we do not want to see her family suffer for her youthful mistakes! Amen!