Tuesday, January 1, 2013

28 years ago....

on New years eve I took my father to his FIRST AA meetings... it was an alkathon... 24 hours straight of meetings, coffee, game room, SOBRIETY...
I have my fathers permission by the by to break his anonymity...
I had been sober a bit over a month at the time... and knew if something did not change my dad would be dead soon.  I could not bear the thought.  granted a little over a year later I went back out for some double checking ... but, not dad he embraced the life and changes and dove in 110% and has never doubted the fact that he was home.

I had a lot of reasons to double check and test ... but tonights not the time to go into them... Point is I am proud of him 28 years clean and sober is FREAKIN AMAZING!

He called a bit ago to tell me how jeannie is doing... shes very depressed... we reminised about oh 26 -27 years back when we met her ... The dr's very confident that she is going to make a full recovery... it's simply going to take a very long time.  SO we continue to pray :)

it was a very quiet new years day... just mike and I and net flix and dvds, collards, peas, ham, pecan pie all day... He goes back to work tomorrow :(  I have gotten used to having him home and he has gone to the stores with me ... ALL of the ones I went to... this is HUGE people JUST HUGE... and I dont expect it to continue all that often.

I have not talked to mom since thanksgiving... HER choice I have spoken to nurses, doctors, family... and she's in their opinions ... slowly declineing.. well as of feb 7th it will be 8 years since she went into the nursing home, so i think slow decline is NORMAL.

here  are a few pictures from 2003 and 04...
this one is dad in the chair and Lto R around him... martha, me cory jeannie and jennifer.... not too long after this was taken jennifer stopped talking to her mom...sigh ...

 this is mom it was 2002 taken with my first digital 1.5 mp pen cam... it took really horrid pics but it was the first one out... and I paid a dang fortune for it.
 I believe this was the last time she came to my house...  .it was 2004.  She was falling a lot back then looking back I am pretty sure she was overloaded on drugs... all RX by the way... she had one suit case that was ALL medications.
 this was taken in 2003... they used to be so close... it really hurts my heart how they treat each other now.
 the original pond... :) the fish were so little... again 2003
there are 9 fish in the pic can you find them all... there were about 20 when this was taken... in 03.. before Mikes mass murder in 04
well technically this will be my second post for today so ... Happy New Years day!  hope you have the best year ever! love & hugs


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