Sunday, February 17, 2013

I apologise....

I know it has been a really crazy year already and my blogging fell to pieces..jan 7th my step mother passed away, Michael and I went to Il for her funeral... it was a whirlwind trip 1440 miles in 60 hours.   we left earlier than we planned and thank God we did as the torrential rains we did get caught in were rough but the ones we beat... oh yeah were even worse... with freezing and flooding.

so in the last just over a month...we have not slowed down much, I dont hear from martha and halo as much as I want but, I am handleing it... sort of.  Cory Steph and Bradley are good and staying busy and keeping me on my toes LOL... I dont hear from cory as much as I want but again when your children grow up and move out and have their own families that happens ... so it is normal.

I have been job hunting... have an interview tomorrow am cautiously optomistic on that ...

I have an appt with the eye dr (to get new glasses) on wednesday ... I called and asked them to call the retina dr and get my tests as I wont be paying for lesser tests when he does the most complete studies and  tests available... but I was supposed to get glasses over a year ago when we discovered the neuroretinitis.... so they never happened... and I do need them :)

I have been to the infectious diease dr and he is pleased he said keep taking the antibotics until june and we will reevaluate so I am still on  them  this is 14 months ... so far. 

mother is still mad at me, in fact shes probably MORE mad now than she was a couple weeks ago since I had to tell her NO on something she wanted, and our lawyer agrees with me ... so all I can say is get glad ... but because shes mad it means she is not exactly talking to me.... and i feel bad some days because i really have not spoken more than a few times to her since august.

and for now thats all ... i do stay sort of active on facebook it is much easier to post photos to. 

well its news time... so have a wonderful week!
love and hugs


farmlady said...

"Feeling bad" about family can become a way of life,'s so hard to come to terms with other people and not feel guilty about our part in it all. Keep the faith.

Chris H said...

I prefer blogger over Facebook... just saying.
Are Cory and Steph together again?
You have been busy, so have I. This is only the second time THIS YEAR I have been reading and commenting on all the blogs I read! Naughty me.

Paxie said...

Crap. Blogger ate my comment. Grrrr.

Sounds like all is going normal LOL

Up/Down, etc. It's your attitude that counts and you have a helluva good one, woman ♥