Friday, January 4, 2013

I have things.....

I really want to say but, I can't recall if I have told a couple people about my blog... And I really do not want them to read what I have on my mind.

Soooo that being said I will talk / write about something totally unrelated... I got the darn resume done this morning... and after a good bit of cusing and threatening to toss/ throw/ beat with a baseball bat the  printer did make me some copies of it.  so next comes the filling out of applications... GOD I HATE THIS PROCESS... Bring the job I need to me please!

I went to lunch with Jeanette today... it was nice ... we ended up at  Long horn steak house... I think in many states it is called texas roadhouse or something like that... anyway it was delish... then we went to several stores... I needed a new planner/ calendar ... I keep up with bills ext with them and this years did not extend into January to allow me to procrastinate .... sigh... and I needed a toothbrush... apparently Martha got the last  I had here when she was here...

I wish I could have someone make shoes to really fit my feet... I have flintstone feet... they are very big and wide... super wide... and even in my WIDE nike shoes my toes feel scrunched and abused after only a short time being in them.... My super expensive New balance that I bought oh.... 10 years back... are actually flipping NARROW and like new since i never wear them... new balance were KNOWN for being wide shoes. My off brand berkenstocks are shot but I got my 12 dollars worth from them... and my poor 5 yr old berks are shot fact both pr of tennis shoes that I own are like new because I rarely wear them.

I wonder... maybe there is a shoe maker in Augusta??? I just dont know.

DEBBIE... check out ABDUCTED on Net flix... we watched it tonight ... Another good choice!

Have I mentioned that my pecan pie... turned out amazing??? I am still totally shocked at how easy it is to make... maybe I will make another in june or something :)

Talked to two different nurses today for mother... and got a message from her dr as i missed his call when I was driving.  Shes ok... she still will not speak to me unless she has to... I suspect she feels some guilty.. as she should ... but she will eventually rationalize and what ever burr is up her butt will be my fault... but thats ok... I can take it :)

No word today on step mother... last call I got last night was that she was to have fluid drained off her lungs again... sigh.. find the cause please then you can fix the problem... i hope.

well it is nearly 1 am and I have to get up in the morning...

have a wonderful Friday...


Paxie said...

We have a Texas Roadhouse and a Longhorn :)

Watched Bad Ass last night and it was good! Abducted sounds familiar.

I have wide feet too and I'm about to cut more holes for my toes in my other sneakers!

Hopefully January will bring wellness for your family, hon ♥


Karen Deborah said...

I have discovered that cowgirl boots have solved all my feet issues. They make wide ones try some on.