Tuesday, July 12, 2011

where does the time go???

Stephanie and Cory came over Sunday evening to play in the pool for a bit with Bradley and us... we had a ball literally and hit it around to each other and of course had to chase it out in the yard when we got a little agressive.
 Bradley loves to dump the cup full on your head!
 and of course to say cheese to the camera!
he loves to be thrown all over the pool and I missed getting apic of him when he suddenly dunks his head under and starts to kick his feet... he will be swimming in no time!  HE LOVES THE POOL!

Anaeyah Dyanna Rogers...born 2day @ 1:05 7lbs 2oz

 Isnt she just adorable, and all that beautiful hair too... mama is beautiful too even though she thought the pics are bad cause she is swollen up ... told her shes supposed to be good greif she just had a baby not quite 4 hours ago!!
 AHHHHHH sweet love!


Mental P Mama said...

That Bradley is too stinkin' cute. And Cory and Stephanie look fantastic! And, I wish I looked that good 4 hours after bringing another human being into this world....that baby is precious!

jojo said...

sweet baby love...there is nothing better!

Paxie said...

Love that smile Bradley does!! He's so darn cute!!!

Mama looks beautiful and proud!! Congratulations :)

Alice said...

Sweet baby! Love it. And love that Bradley. Austin does the same thing every time a camera comes out "CHHHHEEEEESSSSSEEEEE!" They are too stinkin' cute!


Caution said...

You surely have beautiful people in your life!

Chris H said...

Fun in the pool!
New baby is gorgeous! All my babies had lots of hair too... which took a bit of getting used to cos I always thought babies were bald! lol