Sunday, June 5, 2011

well let the trauma ...

the pool simply will not work... two days and close to a thousand gallons of water later we are draining the waste of pool space into the fish pond and gonna return it and purchase a pool WITH SIDES that have support as even though this pool is actually level it has decided on TWO sides of the round pool to lay on its sides and not go up. 
 the so called, what used to be the high side and low side of the other day are perfect... anyway I dont want to risk Bradley getting injured by something happening  Michael and I are pool traumatised and have learned a pool lesson.... we are not ready to give up however which is a miracle as normally we would say F it and simply give up on having a pool.

*Martha, I recieved Mikes messages... am not quite ready to respond to either of you but when I am will send you an email.
Have a great rest of sunday ya'll ... from the super hot, unbelieveably muggy, pool less back yard of Ga.


Bluebird49 said...

Oh my gosh--I feel you pain! I admire you for even trying it again. We THOUGHT we had a level yard.DID NOT! But I know you two will get this thing straightened out--cause when you decide to do something--youall get'er done!

And for the cryptic message to MJ--well, I pray that will work out for you all.

Chris H said...

I hope the next pool does as it's told... and you have NO trouble with it.
We got a kids pool with supported sides too.... but now that we are gettng a spa pooll we won't need it... you want it? lol
I would send it to ya if it wasn't so blasted far away.
It's good that the lines of communication are still open with Mj, even if it's via text's from Mike.... which I'm sure are not that good... but still communication.

Mental P Mama said...

Cannot wait for the pool party pictures! And you know how I feel about the rest....:)

TSannie said...

Can't wait for the next chapter of the pool debacle!

Alice said...

Keep at it! This made me laugh (the post before, too) b/c it is soooo something that would happen at our house too. :)

mj said...

for seventeen years i begged for a pool- look at you now.
well anyways respond whenever ill be around. btw-halo says MAMAMAMAMAMAMA now. shes eating sweet potatoes carrot and peas too.

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

We never had a pool because I grew up across the street from a lake, but I remember the pool stories of friends ending up exactly like this! LOL

When you have a few spare minutes and need a laugh, do a search on Youtube for people/pool wrecks. It will make you feel a little better that at least you didn't have the dumb thing all set up and then have it collapse with people inside LOL

Paxie said...

Tried it one year and couldn't get it level. What a disaster...grrrrr!

Hopefully you can get something to work for Bradley or just get one of the cheap plastic ones :)