Monday, January 16, 2012

Case studies!

Well I went to the neurologest today... All the labs drawn last week are normal, with the exception of the ones that show I have an infection... HOWEVER those number have dropped drastically too so very close to normal.  
the dr asked me if I would mind if she took the eye pics and other info WITHOUT my name included to the MEDICAL COLLEGE OF GEORGIA (GEORGIA HEALTH SCIENCES) case study review that they do each year... Told her I think that would be awesome!  so I get to be a case study... cause see ... BWHAHA what a play on words there... SEE we have a sort of diagnosis. NEURORETINITIS but, we still have NO CAUSE!
so someday when you are looking up neuroretinitis the EYEBALLS you see  may very well be mine!  
she still thinks that this is actually been caused by cat scratch fever,  but the second titers also came back normal... so... we will see next week what the infectious diease guy thinks...
In the mean time I asked for some labs to be drawn so that I know where  I stand on things that I have not had drawn in years.  so she said see you in three months and will call you when labs come in !
my vision is still about the same,  she tested them this morning still 20/20 in my rigth eye and 20/50 ish in the left... but the preferial has not changed at all.
well must go to bed am tired and Bradley will be here soon.
Love hugs and God bless you and keep you till we meet again :)


jojo said...

well, they have ruled out the worst right? So now we keep praying and hoping that there is an easy answer and that the symptoms do not increase. Congrats...I know how exciting to be a case study!!

Karen Deborah said...

sounds like good news all the way around.

Mental P Mama said...

I always thought you were a tough nut to crack;)

Sassy said...

I love Mama's comment and I think I would have to reminded me of a silly saying we always said as kids when somebody called us a nut.....
hahahaha kids are silly....
L♥ve you friend!

Reddirt Woman said...

A case study!!! if I ever get to be a case study it won't be for my eyes... lol. So thankful that the news is pretty good all around now. It seems to take an awful lot of blood to get to some of these conclusions and time and worry, to boot, but, wow, I can now say I know a 'case study'!

Hugs to you, Laura!