Sunday, December 11, 2011

just a quickie

The dr told me that no call was good news,  so am takinghimat hisword... I go to the neurologest on wednesday,  shes been in practice 33 years and is rated one of thebest in the south east.  Michael is goingwith me  onwednesday... My stupid space bar is stickingagain...GRRRR

the other day we  got Halo dressed up inher christmas outfit,  and I came to the realisation that my view eye isof course my left oneso took pics blindly... but they turned out great I think
Little miss personality.
 shesquite the ham
 andof course i cut her head in the best smiling pic :)
 Stephanie and I took bradley to the mall to play after his last dr appt, he had aball
 the slide got a work out from him and some otther little boys...
 andmy darn  batteries died as I took thispic... but it was too cute :) 
anyway, vision is abotu the same now am seeing flashing at times which isa total pain in the ass... and have totally taken ALL meds out  of me since my last dr appt and am pretty sure this has all been happening  a while longer than I thought.  I think the  tylenol and my incredably high tolerance for pain have masked alot of stuff and I think I blamed  my old transitions glasses for some vision issues that I truely believed was the  glasses and even the eye people did at first too... so I dont feel too stupid....   anyway will let y know morewhen Iknowmore.... Debbie  got hugs and kisses from your babiestoday andtook somepics butthey are not loaded yet, haveto get halo ready to gopickup hermomfromwork.... so belookingwill havepicssoon:)
God blessandkeep you   till we meet again!


Chris H said...

I hope all goes well on Wednesday and you get some good news.
And fix ya space bar girl!!!

Debbie said...

LOL. You got something in that spacebar? If I eat at the computer, that will happen to me.
Glad no news is good news!!
I saw my eye doc last week about my darn left eye, and she wants another MRI if things get worse, so I am in a 6 mo holding pattern. It's weird, it is both our left eye. I hope they can figure yours out! They haven't mine yet.
Can't wait to see pics of my babies!! I want a good one of all 3of them.
Halo is a doll. Enjoy her!! She is getting big fast!!!
I love ya!!!

God Bless~

Mental P Mama said...

Such fantastic news! And Halo is getting too big. Stop feeding her or she will grow up;)

Jeannelle said...

Glad to see a post from you. Darling photos of Halo!

TonjiaT said...

Laura, you are such a trooper! you are in my prayers, please keep us posted if you hear anything!

Halo really looks like MJ doesn't she?

And Bradley is adorable, such a boy..