Saturday, December 17, 2011

Its saturday evening....

On Friday  Michael and I got up and left home by 7 am to get to my 815 appt, as we really had no idea where the heck we were going and ended up parking just about as far away as you possibly could in the 16 block area of the hospitals, the lady at Dr sethi's office was more confused than ME on where I was to go to have this LP done... it was actually in the xray dept in the hospital.  so good thing we were early or we would have never  found it on time.  
They got me right back to the back and of course it took forever to do the paper work then into xray I went... Yes I survived, not it was not particularly painful (at times it was but the pain did not last long) when the nurse HIT THE NEEDLE in my back with the xray machine ... well thank GOD i had plenty of local on board or I am sure I would have come off the table and done my best to return the pain.  oddly enough it was mostly just really uncomfortable and the worst part was him removing the needle.  Reminded me a great deal of the weird pain of when they removed the JP drains 6 years ago after surgery.
my CSF level was only a 9 (could be a bad reading or it really could be NORMAL) which 10 is normal... it took FOREVER it seemed to get the BIG tube full of Fluid... as they have to allow it to drain by gravity...
anyway we came home after and michael took good care of doing everything for me and when the local wore off i was really sore for about 24 hours...
Today I decided I HAD to get things done so I can mail stuff off for christmas... and it took me the better part of the day (i was going slow and taking lots of breaks I did not buy too much for the kids of course now I would not do that)  Stephanie came by and got the stuff I had gotten for them for Bradley for his christmas at their house to go with the things they had gotten too... the rotten boy is gonna have a HUGE christmas 430 i could not hold my head up so went to bed for a few now am up having my evening coffee and telling you all about it :) 
I still am not done by the way, still have a few things to pick up tomorrow and then of course have to get to the post office on monday so... hopefully things wont be late.  but if they are... I simply cant help it. 
the vision I thought might be a bit better yesterday but today... its as bad as it has been... the Diamox is a dieuretic but i dont see where it makes me go any more than normal.  I go back to the retina dr on wednesday and the neuro on friday... oh and if you want to have a heart attack... some bills have begun to come in.... so far things have cost well over 10 thousand dollars... sigh... oh well they will get a LITTLE at a time and will have to be happy with that.    I did about fall over at some of the costs... HA  as if I should be suprised at it.   Well cant be too bothered  have had good care and they have been good about working with (so far ) lol   they might as well be cant suck blood from a turnip! 
well my GF Laura is texting me shes in Savannah... and gonna have crab legs for supper has me drooling a pool here... so i best go figure out something to eat....prolly a stinkin ole hamburger since thats all i have here to work with and its the easiest thing to make
Happy Saturday Ya'll God bless you and keep you till we meet again :)


Paxie said...

Glad you gave us a little detail...I didn't want to call and bother you because as I see, you rested and got caught up a little.

Maybe the fluid is absorbed by the body in some way instead of peed out. As long as it will work (and it will dammit)who cares.

I know you were nervous and I'm glad it went as well as it did except for the xray person and the bills!

Good to know you may hear good results by Christmas!!

Sending love and big hugs and give Mike a biggin for taking good care of our Peach ♥

TonjiaT said...

I have been thinking about you, although I am late checking your blog.

now you have me drooling, thinking about those crab legs!

Mental P Mama said...

I am glad all that is behind you. But those bills make my head hurt. Oh, and can you come do my shopping now? Thanks.

And, much love♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥