Friday, December 23, 2011

As we continue to rule things out!

1st, thanks to my (step) mom who bought the kids christmas outfits we love them !! I simply dont have an eye for things like that and am about 40 years behind in fashion except for my lovely purse (thanks again Hallie everyone who sees it loves it) 

now to the update i know you all are DYING to read... you are probably sick of the drama, I know I am.

Anyway... Dr Sethi confirmed what  I already believed ... we have totally ruled out a brain tumor (thank God) we have totally ruled out pseudotumorcerebri (again thank you God)  all of the tests on my spinal fluid were normal i cant even remember what they all were but I do not have MS I do not have something with cones  glucose was good protien was good and about 5 others that I cant even remember are all good. 

My two dr's had a phone conference and decided to rule out lyme diease and Cat scratch Fever as well so I had more blood drawn for that and had chest x rays to rule out scaroid sarcoid something or another I looked at the x rays and all I could tell was I have lungs and lymph nodes... and a spine :)  

By the changes in my eye (i do have pics but have not bothered to scan them yet)  the diamox makes me lazier and very sleepy... thats my excuse and I am sticking to it  but anyway  by the changes inmy eye  they are totally leaning toward cat scratch fever, and whats in my eye is called neuroretinitis... I have started on a month of antibotics and will wean off the diamox in the next two days as I really dont need it since i dont have the pseudo tumor...

well the darlin hubby says he is starving so i must go fix him something to eat (i ate at 4 cause i missed earlier being at the hospital having stuff done... so  if I dont see you before then, MERRY CHRISTMAS and all the other holidays that i cant spell if you celebrate them ... and God bless you and keep you till we meet again


Jeannelle said...

Here's hoping the mystery is solved! Glad to hear those serious, scary things have been ruled out. Have a blessed Christmas!

TSannie said...

It's all good...xoxoxoxoabb

Mental P Mama said... brother has that and it has really hurt his eyesight. I hope you are in the clear! merry Christmas to you all! xoxo

Paxie said...

I already did my funny yesterday BWHAAAAAA! MEOWrrry Christmas. I am feeding a CAT for one of my friends while they are in the mountains for a week. Ironic. I'm keeping clear of him for sure.

Hope you, Mike and all the kidlets have a wonderful Christmas! xoxoxox