Saturday, November 26, 2011

I have been MIA

Yes I know, I have been too busy too crazy too everything for awhile... AND I APOLOGISE...

I have had so much going on that I have not even kept up with it myself...

I actually sat down and wrote a snail mail letter to my aunt because I could not work out the time to call her, I usually for the last 6 years have talked to her at least once a week! 

Everyone here is well.  We got to spend some time with all for thanksgiving, including two friends that I met online over 8 years ago, who came to share in the feast with us!  IT MADE MY THANKSGIVING!

Corys still working as dispatcher, he should have his EMT testing soon

Stephanie has changed jobs about three times in 2 months... but I think finally has one that suits her

Bradley has been to the wound clinic again and goes back this coming Tuesday, IF that ONE spot has not improved as much as the surgeon thinks it should then he will be having a second skin graft on that area very soon as in next week or the week after....but he is great!

Martha lost her cracker barrel job, and under the circumstances cant say I would have done much differently, shes still working at the shoe dept at the mall so that's good, I am sure she will be hunting a second job very soon. Martha will be 20 in three days! SHEESH I just birthed her... what the heck happened to the time?

Halo is ... the silliest little thing, she is quite the entertainment when she is here.  she will be 11 months in a few days then we have Christmas and her birthday HARD TO BELIEVE she will be ONE.

Michael is good, he thought he had hurt his back messing with BERTHA, the bow saw, a couple weeks ago he missed some work and spent a lot of time with the heat pad, then finally we decided that BERTHA has not caused the problem but his intake of coffee and milk verses water or cranberry juice... as he began to partake in juice and water and within 24 hours was better.  I am glad I do not do a ill Michael very well... would much rather have a house full of sick people verses ONE sick Michael.  Nough said... but I am sure ALL the women understand.

I have some issues happening and will have to make time to visit the eye Dr soon, Not too sure whats going on but possibly a cataract ... have a cloud in the left side of my left eyes line of vision, no pain no hurts just totally annoying. 

I have allowed the on line yard sales take over my time and in turn have gotten rid of a lot of things that were in the way... HOWEVER I have also replaced much of the space I made... GAH  the babies have enough clothing to last until they are a couple sizes bigger than they wear now, they have enough toys for Christmas and birthdays to cover 10 kids easily.... my HOUSE STILL looks like a toy store puked in it... and it only takes Bradley 10 minutes tops to have 99% of it drug out inventoried and is totally busy playing, He has complete conniptions when he has to go home and I fear that's gonna get worse after Christmas and he gets ALL of his THOMAS train stuff OH MY...

I had to laugh yesterday, I was BEAT from Thursday and Wednesday and so when they came over Friday I was propped up on the couch in the recliner and pretty much refused to get up... and he made a mess with some cookies,  he grabbed his toy vacuum and tried to clean it up (his momma was sitting beside me in the other recliner)  anyway, when his vacuum did not do as he wanted he trotted off to the bedroom closet and drug out the big vacuum and brought it to the living room and told his momma in his language to use it... so she did the small area where the mess was and he got totally upset that she did not do the entire room like grandma does... Told her, see he is a great kid he helps me!  not so sure she appreciated that but, hey truth hurts!   He also  will not let anyone sit to eat without the blessing being said first so when they all sat to eat (i again refused to get up)  he made them stop until papa had said the blessing :)  he's such a good boy!

anyway have a busy time coming up as I ended up with 5 children from the angel tree (long story not telling it now ) anyway they have to be bought for and items delivered by the 9th, and if Bradley has to have surgery  then I will be  there plus his drs appts my own and just life in general....

Just wanted to check in on everyone and let you know we are living and well and to say I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving :)
God Bless and Keep you until we meet again!


Jeannelle said...

I hope your eye problem is nothing serious. Take care, Laura.

TSannie said...


Chris H said...

always busy it would seem!
I know what you mean about sick men!
Poor Stew has to be dying before he mentions anything to me.... he KNOWS how it drives me nuts if he's 'sick'. lol

Paxie said...

Sounds normal down there to me LOL

Now get to the doc and see about that eye...

LOVE that Bradley is telling his Mama what to do with the vacuum!!

Hugs :)