Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Halo is

mobile now... she is fast and so funny!  she has so many toys to play with but, is facinated by the kitchen floor so had to be rerouted many many times.
 she spent the day and part of the evening with Papa and Grandma,
 one of her many trips to the kitchen, and under the dining room table!
 she found papas watch to be of huge interest... and of course papa is a wonderful climbing toy
 he would make fun noises and she would try to copy him, then he poked her belly and she laughed and chewed on her finger, she still has no teeth and no real signs of any other than the constant drool!
Shes such a happy and good baby, she had peas and turkey leg for supper and it is just too fun to watch her feel out the new textures and tastes.    

well got stuff to accomplish today but wanted to pop in and say hi and share halo pics,
shes 18 pounds now, she went to the dr last monday with an ear infection and is feeling a million times better still has the nasty runny nose and cough but not nearly as bad as before, poor MJ her first time with a sick baby, I think the baby delt so much better than she did :)

Have a blessed day and week till we meet again!


jojo said...

she is adorable! I love that big beautiful smile of hers and those big brown eyes..

Chris H said...

Isn't she gorgeous!
Our Emily is a bit sick with a nasty cold and congunctivitis so I have her for a few days.
It's TIRING eh?
Nice... but tiring.

Debbie said...

She is getting so big!!! Sje looks a lot like her Mommy!!!My middle baby didn't get any teeth until she was almost a year!!

Thanks for sharing the pics! You have a great week!!!

Love ya!

farmlady said...

Grandma and grandpa are enjoying this child way too much. LOL!
She is so pretty. What a smile.

TonjiaT said...

what a cutie!!! isn't she a precious gift? I never get tired of looking at her pictures.

Paxie said...

I love the one on Mike's tummy...


Bluebird49 said...

Cute, cute, cute!!

annbumbly said...

Such a happy girl! Beautiful too.

Reddirt Woman said...

What a cutie! So glad you are getting to spend time with Halo. How about a comparison photo of MJ about that age? I think she looks like her mom and am curious if I'm right...

Hugs and Halo giggles!